Tuesday 16 July 2013

Tasted #33: Ben Nevis 10yo (#101drams)

What? Another #101drams whisky? Yep, again thanks to The Auld Alliance.

Ben Nevis is on the list because back in 2009 on a tour of Scotland with my dad, we drove right past it and took a photo (probably on our way to one of the other 15 or so distilleries we visited!) and I still remember it, for a reason I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, ever since I've wanted to try a dram.

I actually got the opportunity a few weeks ago at the SMWS Sydney tasting (a 16yo SMWS release), but was keen to try the Original Bottling 10yo, as that's what I put on the #101drams list.

Ben Nevis 10yo (46% ABV, 10yo, Highlands, Scotland)

Nose: Sherried, with as strong scent of pastries - croissants, apple strudel.

Palate: Somewhat unexpected, but - vanilla ice cream and sweet, slightly salted caramel (sounds like something Gelato Messina would offer right!?)

Finish: Medium length, sweet to the end. Slight bitterness.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 91/100. Whilst I mightn't rush out and buy it, I can see the reason for the popularity of this whisky (and that is a very cool, old-school label).

- Martin.

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