Thursday 4 July 2013

Bar review #6: La Maison du Whisky (Singapore)

We might've only been in Singapore for a few days, but that didn't stop us visiting as many whisky (and cocktail) bars as possible. Along with The Auld Alliance, Steph and I dropped into La Maison du Whisky, the Singaporean branch of famed European spirits importers by the same name.

As well as being a shop (and at times, independent bottler) LMdW also have a a bar in their Singaporean outpost, situated in Robertson Quay.

The bar is a bit smaller than The Auld Alliance (reviewed here) but still has a brilliant selection of whiskies. Pricing was about on-par with The Auld Alliance, perhaps just a bit cheaper on average (with most of the drams we tried being around the $17-18AUD mark).

Encouraging to see was the large selection of Australian whiskies on offer, with at least a few special Larks available, and a few Hellyers Roads also on offer.
The bar also offers plenty of interesting world whiskies (Amrut, Penderyn, a large variety of Japanese malts and blends) as well as a few interesting gins, like Saffron Gin (which I haven't yet tried but am looking forward to). A small cocktail menu is available too.

It was relatively quiet the night we visited (Saturday night, around 9pm) and I wouldn't say the staff were as attentive as The Auld Alliance, but they were friendly enough.

If you're in Singapore and have time, it'd be worth dropping in for a visit. 

 - Martin.

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