Monday 1 July 2013

Tasted #28: Ardbeg "Ardbog"

Earlier in June I posted about the brilliant day that was Ardbeg (Ardbog) Day 2013. As a follow-up, the organisers in their infinite generosity sent me a bottle of this fantastic whisky.


Ardbeg "Ardbog" (52.1%, NAS, Islay Scotland)

Nose: Sherry sweetness but also fresh laundry. The peat is there, but it's not the dominant characteristic. It almost takes a backseat.

Palate: Big mouthfeel and full of flavour - no shrinking violet with every % of the 52.1% ABV evident (in a good way). Slight citrus tang, with the same sherry sweetness as the nose. Peat still not overly pronounced (considering this is an Ardbeg), but definitely there.

Finish: Medium to long, residual sherry sweetness, with the peat (albeit not overly strong) remaining to the end.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 92/100. Overall an excellent whisky, and one with a very cool name and launch! For me though, I love Ardbeg for its complexity and smoothness, but also the strong Islay peat. The latter didn't come through as much in this, compared to say a Corryvreckan (which I have a bottle of at home and love). So a fantastic whisky, and definitely an Ardbeg, but there are Ardbegs I like better (the Alligator still ranks as one of my all-time favourite whiskies....I just need to find a bottle!)

 - Martin.

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