Wednesday 3 July 2013

Tasted #29: Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel 2011 (#101drams)

On my recent visit to the Auld Alliance in Singapore (a pretty fantastic whisky bar), I made it a point to tick off a few #101drams drams (at least those that were reasonably priced - it's a great bar, but it's not cheap!)

I started with a Karuizawa 12yo (OB), then moved onto a whisky I hadn't seen in Australia before - the Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel finish (2011 release I believe). I expected it to be good (based on previous tastings of the 10, 12 and 18yo), but I didn't realise how just good...

Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel (48.2% ABV, NAS, Japan)
Nose: Sweet vanilla (as you'd expect being wholly aged in ex-Bourbon barrels), with a slightly hint of spice.

Palate: Wow, sweet. Dessert-like. Honey, vanilla ice cream, big rich creamy notes. Incredible. Really, really incredible.

Finish: Still sweet vanilla ice cream, with honey notes coming in and out. You'd have to call this a "dessert" whisky.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 95/100. Wow, what a whisky. I don't know which distillery they sourced the barrels from, or how they prepared them...but they did it right. Amazing - one of the best whiskies I've tried. I am going to HAVE to find a bottle of this.

 - Martin.

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