Saturday 8 October 2022

Drams at The Auld Alliance: SMWS 1.168 "Delightfully dulcet deliciosity" (Glenfarclas) [Tasted #587]

In the run-up to our "Epic 10" tasting posts from 12th October (as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations) we figured we'd post a few drams that, whilst not quite making the cut, are still great drams in their own right. On that note, I dusted off my notes from my last trip to Singapore, which was back in 2016. Martin recommended visiting a quaint whisky bar in Singapore, a bar many of us are familiar with - The Auld Alliance.

Martin first reviewed the Auld Alliance back in 2013 [in its old Chijmes location] and since then the bar has grown to become a globally known establishment. Its comprehensive old and new whisky offerings are impressive and you can literally spend all day at Auld Alliance and only get through a small portion of their collection.

I remember sitting down that night to sample a few different bottles but one of them stood out, a 28yo Society bottling from distillery 1 (Glenfarclas) that I thought was sensational and super delightful dulcet delicious.

SMWS 1.168 "Delightfully dulcet deliciosity" Glenfarclas 28yo 1984/2012 (53.3% ABV, 28yo, Speyside, Scotland, SMWS, 189 bottles)
A lovely, rich, creamy malt packed with flavours and a dram I would have to celebrate a momentous occasion.

Colour: Amber gold

Shortbread cookies with strawberry jam filling, cherries, Arnott Iced Vovo, paint thinner (in a good way), pineapple, tropical fruits, raisins

Palate: Sweet, rich, creamy, fruity, citrus opening then translates to honeydew, strawberries fruit salad, malty caramel, slight maritime overtone 

Finish: Long, oaky with bitter melon finish 

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 94/100.


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