Monday 26 May 2014

Tasted #94: Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

A few months ago Steph attended the launch of Wild Turkey Spiced in Australia, an island themed event held at Campari's HQ in Sydney. I couldn't attend, but Steph brought home a sample which I tried a few days later.

I'll be honest - I went in slightly biased, and didn't think I'd be a big fan of it neat (turns out, I was). Spiced rums are having their moment, as are flavoured whiskies, and this seemed like an attempt to cash in on that, with something that might only be good in cocktails. I can admit when I'm wrong though, and this is one example. Here are my notes:

Wild Turkey Spiced (43% ABV, 4yo (blend of 4 and 6yo Bourbon), Kentucky, USA, $42.99AUD)
Nose: Nutty! Hazelnuts, toasted chestnuts. Interesting, intriguing.
Palate: Rich and mouthfilling, similar nuttiness to the nose. Spice hits at the back of the throat, but pleasantly, softly. This is turning out to be better than expected.
Finish: Short and nutty, but rich and creamy too. Wow, this has been an enjoyable whisky!
Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 91/100. Fair to say, better than I expected.

As recommended, I also tried it with cola, which produced a creamier, nuttier drink with less vanilla and more chestnut notes than your average bourbon and cola. Probably one of the best Bourbon and colas I've had.

 - Martin.

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