Saturday 3 May 2014

Tasted #89: Overeem Port Cask (Oak Barrel)

At the Oak Barrel Sydney Whisky Fair last year (see post here) we tried a great (and very unique) Overeem Port matured whisky which underwent further months maturation in a 5L barrel at The Oak Barrel's shop in Sydney.

Turns out, Steph had bought me a bottle for my birthday a month later. Lucky man!

Overeem Port Matured (Oak Barrel special edition)  (43% ABV, NAS, Tasmania (and I guess Sydney), Australia, bottle 79/100, no longer available)
Colour: Golden Brown (incidentally a GREAT song)
Nose: Deep sherry notes, hint of smoke, hint of berries.
Palate: More smoke. Sultanas, oat cakes, balsamic vinegar! Smoke reaches right to the back of the throat (but not in an unpleasant way).
Finish: Long, smoky, with a hint of peppery spice towards the end.
Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 91/100. Add this to the list of "Overeem whiskies I really like" (which is every one I've ever tried).

 - Martin.

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