Sunday 24 March 2013

World of Whisky's Tasmanian Whisky Expo

Australian Whiskies are on the rise, gaining world recognition and winning awards (some having only been bottling for less than a few years). Whilst almost every state in Australia is represented, none is better known than Tasmania, with a number of active distilleries and an increasing reputation as a world-class whisky distilling region.

In recognition of this, World of Whisky in Double Bay (a specialist shop selling nothing but whisk(e)y) held their annual "Tasmanian Whisky Expo" last Saturday, with representation from four Tassie distilleries:
  • Lark Distillery
  • Old Hobart Distillery (makers of Overeem)
  • Hellyers Road
  • Tasmania Distillery (makers of Sullivans Cove)

To emphasise the focus on Tassie produce, the guys also had a number of Tasmanian cheeses and salmon for tasting (including a fantastic whisky-cured salmon which I could've eaten all day...)

Each distillery had their key expressions available for tasting, including one from my #101drams list (Hellyers Rd Pinot Noir Finish), and staff/management from the distilleries on-hand to answer any questions and have a yarn about all things whisky.

The event also coincided with the recent launch of the "Tasmanian Single Malts" plinth (pictured above), which will be rolled out to various bars and shops to promote Tasmania whiskies.

The event was a great way to get word out about Tassie whiskies, and was a great chance for whisky fans (and newcomers alike) to meet, enjoy a dram or two and discuss their favourite tipple. I'm looking forward to seeing this again next year (hopefully bigger and better)!

 - Martin.

PS: World of Whisky run a great show, and to see this on a much, much bigger scale, check out their "Whisky Show 2013" which was mentioned in this post.

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