Wednesday 6 February 2013

PR #2: World of Whisky's "The Whisky Show" returns to Sydney for 2013

Last year was a big year for Whisky Shows in Sydney, with Whisky Live, World of Whisky's "The Whisky Show", and Oak Barrel's "Whisky Fair", not to mention a variety of smaller events.

2013 is set to be just as big if not bigger - with Whisky Live (2-3rd August) and The Whisky Fair (7-8th September) already having been announced, and now a bigger, better "The Whisky Show 2013" booked for 28-29th June 2013.

With a limit of 500 visitors per session (across three sessions) and two halls, the show should give everyone plenty of opportunity to discuss and enjoy a dram (or several).

To quote World of Whisky:
Based on feedback received from both exhibitors and visitors last year, we have made several changes to the Show format, to strive for continued improvement. 
  • The Show will be split into three 4-hour sessions. One session on Friday and two sessions on Saturday, with an hour break between the sessions. 
  • Each session will be limited to 500 visitors. 
  • There will be free snack and finger foods available for visitors.
  • The Show will be split across two halls, allowing for more exhibitors and to spread visitors out a bit more. 
  • Access to the show will be at street level, in a side entrance to the hotel, allowing easy direct access to the Show. 
  • The retail store will be located near the exit. We will again be having special show prices on the day.
  • The Whisky Cocktail competition and Australasian Whisky Awards proved to be very popular, and will be repeated again in 2013.

Keep an eye on the World of Whisky website for tickets - we might even see you there!

 - Martin.

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