Tuesday 26 February 2013

Tasted #9, #10 and #11: 3 x Nants (#101drams)

A few weeks ago I visited The Nant Whisky Bar in Brisbane, and was managed to tick off one of my #101drams whiskies - #10 The Nant 3yo Cask Strength (aka the famous Jim Murray 95.5 rater).

I wasn't about to give up the opportunity to try a few other drams though, and so ordered a tasting flight of Nants, including:

  • The Nant Single Malt Whisky (Port Wood) 43% 
  • The Nant Single Malt Whisky (Sherry Wood) 43% 
  • The Nant Single Malt Whisky (American Oak Bourbon Wood) - Jim Murray 95.5/100 Cask Strength 63%

I was expecting big things from the cask strength and it didn't disappoint. But we'll get to that...

The Nant Single Malt Whisky (Port Wood) 43% 
Big rich nose, honey/maple syrup. Sweet but not "sherry sweet". Well-balanced palate with a big mouth feel (surprisingly big given the ABV%). The finish was smooth and just the right length - not over too soon, but not lingering around forever.
Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 91/100

The Nant Single Malt Whisky (Sherry Wood) 43% 
Definite sherry nose - sweet and enjoyable. Palate was much the same, perhaps a slight nuttiness, but not as smooth as the port wood. The finish impressed - long and smooth, with the sherry's sweetness lingering to the end. I preferred the Port Wood, but this was an enjoyable dram.
Rating (on my very non-scientific scale)89/100

The Nant Single Malt Whisky (American Oak Bourbon Wood) - Jim Murray 95.5/100 Cask Strength 63%
The big one. Big expectations here. Given the 63% ABV, I was expecting big alcoholic aromas that really hit at the back of the nose and down into the throat. Nope. This one combined the sweetness of the sherry and the maple syrup notes of the two previous whiskies, with a good whack of vanilla coming through. The ABV% was more evident on the palate - BIG mouthfeel (this is definitely a cask strength...) rich, barley notes. Delicious. The finish was (as expected) L-O-N-G, with a warming, sugary syrupy finish that you don't want to leave (and at times it seems it never will). Deserving of the accolades - Nant have created a fantastic whisky here.
Rating (on my very non-scientific scale)93/100

 - Martin.

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  1. I'm lucky enough to live in a state with access to so many distilleries - and we have our own Nant whisky bar as well - an establishment I try to call into whenever I find myself in the south of the state. I've had plenty of their expressions but I think you've had some of the best here. My personal favourites are the Port Wood cask strength and the Bourbon wood cask strength, though the Port Wood at 43% is also a favourite - I've actually reviewed that one myself!