Saturday 23 February 2013

PR #3:'s new "C" bottling...but what is it?

One of my favourite Whisky blogs (and in fact one of the few that got me into Whisky blogging in the first place) is - for the humour they inject into each post and the pure mix of content, not to mention their unique features like last year's "Under 30" (including this gem).

Being two of the more prominent bloggers in the Whisky scene, Joel and Neil are afforded a few luxuries, such as being able to produce their own bottlings (no easy task I'm sure) as part of their A - Z whiskies initiative.

Having my own list of whiskies (albeit those to try, not actually bottle myself..) the whole A - Z concept really grabs me. It started in 2011 (with Arran), continued in 2012 (with BenRiach), and on 27th March, they'll release their "C" bottling via Master of Malt.

So...what is it? Well that's the secret. There are some hints given in the video on caskstrength's original blog post, along with the chance to win one of two bottles.

Whatever it is (I have my own theory...) it's sure to be a tasty dram and will no doubt sell out in record time.

See the full original blog post from at:

 - Martin.

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