Saturday 18 November 2017

Whisky & Alement Cellar open to the public - for a limited time only

Since moving to Asia in 2014 Steph and I have been fortunate to visit some incredible whisky bars - from Auld Alliance (both old and new) in Singapore, to Campbelltoun Loch and The Mash Tun in Tokyo, to Bar K and Rogin's Tavern in Osaka, and the always-awesome Club Qing in Hong Kong (to name just a few).

One bar that I still count amongst the best in the world however, is back home in Australia - Whisky & Alement in Melbourne (which we first reviewed...geez almost 5 years ago!), previously known as Chez Regine.

I've stayed in touch with the W&A team over the years, and followed with a keen interest their developments, including last year's "Bar White Oak" Japanese pop-up and their new "Melbourne Whisky Room".

...and now their latest development - a limited-time opening of their cellar, giving the public access to purchase some of the rarest and most collectible whisky bottles available in Australia. The first time in their 8 year history!

If you follow any of the W&A adventures on Facebook or Instagram you'll know they go to serious lengths (literally) to seek rare whiskies for the bar. For a short period of time in December, they're letting collectors (as well as the usual drinkers) benefit.

The cellar will be open from 1st - 22nd Dec, weekdays from 10am - 10pm (Mon-Fri), 4pm-10pm (Sat) and 4pm-9pm (Sun) on request, with owner Julian White on hand to offer assistance. Not everything is for sale, but a browse through these photos shows some pretty fantastic and collectible bottles from all around the world...


Further details can be found here, but if you're looking for a special whisky for Christmas, you could do well to drop by and peruse the cellar.


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