Wednesday 17 June 2015

'Ladies who Whisky' launch at Hullett House

We’ve been fans of Hullett House’s Whisky@Stables bar since it opened in 2014 - for the whisky selection and theme that seamlessly ties the menu, décor and drink to produce a relaxed space to enjoy a dram or few. What’s new and interesting is a new series of tasting evenings called ‘Ladies who whisky’ (which we originally mentioned back in May) that aims to celebrate whisky with the fairer sex. As a "lady who whiskies", I went along to the sample night / launch to check out what this event was all about.

The sample class was run by John of the Aroma Academy, our kilt-wearing friend who enjoys a variety of whisky-based roles here in HK as an Aroma Academy presenter, distributor of Hepburn's Choice, and Asia Pacific importer of Glencairn glasses. The intimate space of the Whisky@Stables bar was full of a diverse selection of women from different careers, backgrounds and experiences with whisky - and a fair few men came along for the ride too. The majority of attendees admitted that they were new to the world of whisky, so they were in the right place.

John talked the group through whisky vocabulary, how to recognise aromas, what aromas may be detected in whisky, and how our past experiences with smells influence what we now pick up. We were given various oils to smell and guess the scent, and then as a group matched scent profiles to a whisky. On the whole it was a lot of fun with great company, delicious canapés and a tasty dram to finish on.

The future sessions run fortnightly throughout throughout June, July and August and contain some interesting pairings, such as whisky and cheese, whisky and fashion, whisky and caviar and even and whisky and lipstick! See this link for more information.

- Steph.

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