Monday 1 June 2015

Chivas 18 Architecture Awards 2015 dinner

Earlier this week saw the 2015 Hong Kong Architecture Awards dinner held in conjunction with Chivas 18. I say "held in conjunction" because it was quickly apparently upon arrival that this was more than simple sponsorship (where, for example, you might be served a Chivas on arrival, and see a few logos around).

No, Chivas were clearly at the core of this event, from the presenters (including Colin Scott, Chivas Brothers' Master Blender, and MD of Pernod Ricard HK & Macau Frantz Hotton), to the bar (serving signature Chivas 18 cocktails), to the entertainment (more on that below), to the theme of the night - "The Art of Blending".

On arrival at the Conrad Hong Kong, guests were served cocktails made with Chivas 18, with something to suit everyone's tastes - from a stronger, citrus-driven take on the Manhattan, to a taller, lighter punch-based concoction, through to the classic whisky sour. Canapés were served as guests (from both architecture and whisky fields) chatted and waited for the main event.

Now, that entertainment? After taking our seats (Steph and I being fortunate enough to be seated at the head table), we were introduced to the gentleman below (whose name we didn't catch unfortunately) - a speed painter. We weren't quite sure what was being painted at first - there was a crescent moon, the outline of a city, and something in the middle we couldn't quite make out...

..but just a few minutes in, all became apparent when, as a finale, a handful of glitter was thrown all over the canvas, revealing an impressively detailed bottle of Chivas 18:

Afterwards it was time for a few speeches (including a discussion on the Art of Blending from Colin), a toast, and then dinner. We were lucky enough to spend some time chatting with Colin (who also kindly signed a bottle for us), seeing as Steph and I had missed him (by one day!) when Hendy covered his visit to Sydney.

The dinner, with courses matched to Chivas Regal, was fantastic, with the highlight surely being the "Salmon Trio", which played off brilliantly with the rich honied notes in Chivas 18.

(The dessert, a series of chocolate delights including sea salt chocolate Mille Feuille and white chocolate pafait, was also expertly matched.)

With the awards handed out, dinner finished and everyone having enjoyed a good Chivas or two, it was time to head home, full, content, and with another signed bottle to add to the growing collection! would like to thank Pernod Ricard HK & Macau and the South China Morning Post for the invitation.

Steph & Martin.

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