Friday 26 September 2014

The Naked Grouse "Less is More" Concert 2014 (Hong Kong)

Since Steph and I started this blog over two years ago, we've tasted some fantastic whisky, attended some brilliant events, and met some wonderful people.

We've also experienced whisky paired with amazing views, delicious dinners, rare cheese and even bespoke chocolate.

...but there's one pairing we haven't yet explored. In fact, one question we haven't yet answered:

Does blended whisky pair well with Korean A Cappella?

Turns does.

I should explain. Edrington's The Naked Grouse is a blended whisky containing a good proportion of The Macallan and Highland Park, aged in first fill sherry barrels. It follows the "less is more" ethos, with pared-back packaging allowing the whisky to take focus.

To celebrate, each year for the past three years the brand has hosted a "Less is More" event in Hong Kong, showcasing the whisky in a relaxed, 'Less is More' environment. What better accompaniment to such an event than an A Cappella band right? This year, it was Korean group MayTree.


Held at Hong Kong's The Fringe Club, the night started with canapés and The Naked Grouse served neat, on the rocks or with soda. Again, keeping to the 'Less is More' principle and letting the whisky be the focus. 

Not having tried this whisky before, I decided to go for neat. Not always a good move with cheaper blends, but I was pleasantly surprised. Whilst I didn't take detailed tasting notes (they wouldn't have been too accurate tasting from a tumbler anyway), it reminded me a lot of a younger Macallan. Definitely a big sherry influence, certainly very enjoyable on its own, and considering its $380HKD pricetag (around $55AUD), good value indeed.


After a few drams, a few more of those tasty canapés and bumping into fellow whisky friends (Hong Kong really is a small place), it was down to the basement for the concert.

...which, I have to say, was fantastic. We weren't really sure what to expect (this being our first Korean A Cappella gig and all...) but we really enjoyed it. The voices of all five members were amazing, but most impressive were the musical instruments they emulated. You'd honestly think you were listening to a live band, instruments and all, if you closed your eyes.

Don't take our work for it though - check out the clips below (unfortunately not the best sound recording, but impressive singing nonetheless).


After a lengthy enjoyable set and a few more drams (the frequency with which glasses were topped up was a sight to behold - needless to say no-one went thirsty) it was time to leave, finally being able to answer the question "Does blended whisky pair well with Korean A Cappella?" with an emphatic "yes"!

Steph & Martin.

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  1. Wow, innovative, always great to enjoy entertainment with a glass at hand. You can always relive the experience at home with Pitch Perfect and a good dram ;)