Sunday 13 July 2014 expands into Asia!

As some of our Twitter followers may have noticed, we've been posting a few tweets from Hong Kong over the last week. The reason for that is, life outside of whisky blogging (i.e. our day to day jobs) has given Steph and I the opportunity to move to Hong Kong, and we've taken that opportunity. Permanently!

That doesn't mean TimeforWhisky is going anywhere mind you. Quite the opposite. As well as continuing to cover Australian events, bars, releases, news and tasting notes (more on that below), we're now going to start covering the same in Hong Kong (and broader Asia) too.

When we started this blog (just under) 2 years ago, it was as a hobby to take our love of whisky, and share it with a broader audience. Fast forward two years and we feel we've done that, and built up a great following in the process. Just as importantly though, we've met a fantastic group of people (bloggers, brand ambassadors, hospo folk, PR peeps and whisky fans in general) and have made some great mates. While we're sad to leave this "behind" (I use that term loosely - between Twitter, Facebook and e-mail the whisky community is always connected!) we're excited to grow the same in Asia, which as many of you would know is an incredibly fast-growing region for whisky consumption and (more importantly) appreciation.

So, where does that leave the Australian side of the blog? Enter Hendy - passionate about whisky, already a part-time blogger, and very handy with a camera. Here's Hendy brief self-intro:

"Hendy is a late bloomer in the whisky and whisk(e)y world. Upon being served a dram of Aberlour A'bunadh (still a favourite) in 2009, he hasn't looked back. A risk-averse technologist by day and whisk(e)y lover by night, he now enjoys everything whisk(e)y. From the peaty, medicinal Laphroaig to the everyday all rounder Dalwhinnie, he has learnt to appreciate the spectrum. Over the past few years, he has progressively enjoyed different whisk(e)y varieties from abroad as well as locally and is now all too excited about all things whisk(e)y."

So, expect the same Australian coverage, tasting notes, events and posts that you're used to - just expect them to also now come from Asia too! Steph and I have only been here for a week and have already scoped out a few great whisky bars (including one with an amazing selection of Japanese whiskies and another with their own full-sized cask of Glenlivet(!) - reviews to follow soon, so I think we (and by extension, readers of this blog) are in for a whisky adventure!

Until then, Sláinte.

- Steph & Martin.
One of the very few bottles we brought with us
due to the 1L per person Customs limit.
Australia represent!


  1. Congrats on the move - been following your RSS feed for the past half year or so, silently lurking. Wish you both the best of luck, and to you too Hendy.
    Looking forward to future coverage! (that bar of Japanese whiskies sounds amazing)

  2. Time for Whisky International, congrats again on the move you two, look forward to my next HK trip, quite a big shoe to fill here in Sydney!!