Monday 30 December 2013

Tasted #59: Dailuaine 1983 (#101drams)

One of the less specific whiskies on my #101drams charitable challenge list is number 20 - "Something distilled the year I was born". After reading through my list, fellow Aussie whisky blogger @whiskyledger (who runs the new but visually stunning blog "The Whisky Ledger") kindly sent me a sample he'd picked up a while back from Whisky Base in The Netherlands - a 1983 Dailuaine.

The Diageo-owned Speyside distillery of Dailuaine might not be well known to many (outside hardcore whisky fan circles), but there's a good chance most people have tried it before, seeing as it's a key malt used in a number of Johnnie Walker blends (only ~2% of the spirit produced makes its way into single malts, some of which finds its way into Gordon & MacPhail independent bottlings). So a whisky I've never tried, one distilled in the year I was born, AND a chance to knock off another #101drams whisky? Sounds like a winner to me.

Whisky Base samples come with a handy QR code, which told me everything about this particular whisky. Specifically, it was distilled on 23rd Feb 1983, bottled on 4/1/2012 (making it 28 years old), weighs in at 47.3% ABV, was aged in a hogshead and was part of a 265 bottle run.

Dailuaine 1983 (47.3% ABV, 28yo, Speyside Scotland, €85.00)
Colour: Dull golden.

Nose: Rich, caramel, floral notes, slightly dusty. A second nosing gives big, big wafts of apple pie (cue American Pie references...)

Palate: Creamy, rich, still with a hint of apple pie from the nose, but more so baked goods in general - pastries, croissants.

Finish: Slight burn at back of throat, floral and citrus notes to the end.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 91/100. I wouldn't pay the asking price for a full bottle, but it's certainly cool to try a whisky that is so rarely seen in single malt guise...and even more so one that was distilled in the same year I was born!

Thanks again to @whiskyledger for the sample.


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