Sunday 17 November 2013

Whisky + Alement are looking for a new Bar Manager (Melbourne)

Firstly - no this site hasn't turned into a recruitment site. I'm posting this in the hope that we're able to connect a passionate whisky person with a role at an equally passionate Australian whisky institution.

I know this site has a big readership amongst the Aussie bar community (which frankly Steph and I think is awesome, because it's a bloody great community), so figured why not put that to good use?

Whisky + Alement in Melbourne (who we reviewed here), formerly Chez Regine, are looking for a new Bar Manager from January 2014, as their current bar manager is moving on (a big loss IMO - Ev was great). Given the specialist nature of the bar (holding 500+ whiskies, being an official SMWS bar and hosting regular Whisky School classes), they're obviously looking for someone who has a passion for whisky (not necessarily extensive knowledge - just the passion and a willingness to learn).

Further details are below, but if you work in the industry, are passionate about whisky and are looking for a Bar Manager role, this could be worth looking into.
Full Time Bar Manager Position Vacant at Whisky and Alement beginning Dec/JanApplicants can contact Bar Owner Brooke Hayman directly at

- Martin.


  1. I requested four containers of whisky from the Whisky Exchange and have quite recently gotten a letter from traditions with $144AUD worth of obligation payable... Is there any method for dodging the obligation? It appears the Whisky Exchange announced the substance as liquor, so clearly, it would be gotten at traditions. Did anybody demand them to change the depiction of substance to keep away from recognition?
    Source: spirit works distillery

    1. We usually find the best thing to do is expect that you'll have to pay the taxes (and if for some reason you don't - bonus). I don't think there's any way out of it unfortunately. Most well known retailers (like TWE) are typically (and understandably) not able to alter the description of contents.

      It's just something you need to factor into the total purchase price I'm afraid! Sometimes it still works out worthwhile (especially for drams you can't find in Australia), sometimes it doesn't.