Tuesday 12 November 2013

Tasted #48: The Glenrothes (Duncan Taylor Lonach) 1969 40yo

I figured I should make the last two "Tasted" posts in the #40s both 40yo whiskies...because hey, why not? This sample came to me from Cooper from the very stylish whisky blog singlema.lt (cheers mate!)

The Glenrothes (Duncan Taylor) 1969 Lonach 40yo (40.3% ABV, 40yo, Speyside Scotland)

Colour: Light, pale straw. Odd for such an old whisky.

Nose: Fresh flowers, grass, hints of hay. Not what you'd expect of something sitting in oak for 40 years.

Palate: Bigger and bolder than the nose - still with the hay/straw notes, but also boiled lollies. Still fresh, almost youthful, but as you might expect, incredibly smooth.

Finish: Short, I'd go so far as to say almost non-existant. I get that it's only 40.3% ABV, but the shortness of the finish still took me by surprise.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 90/100. Smooth and enjoyable, but I've better whiskies, both younger and older.

On the right - the 40yo The Glenrothes.
On the left - a 7yo Heartwood whisky ("Release the Beast") from Tasmania!
 - Martin.

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