Sunday 26 May 2013

PR #7: Nant Distillery's big plans for the future

Back in February we reviewed the Nant Distillery Whisky Bar in Brisbane (link), and a tasting of three of their excellent whiskies (link). Now known as the Nant Distilling Company Limited (NDCL), they've recently announced significant plans for future expansion, including:

  • The planned opening of 20 new Nant Whisky Cellars and Bars across Australia (over the next 3 years)
  • The construction of an onsite malting plant
  • The expansion of our brewing and distilling operations; and
  • Significant revenue growth (from just over $2m in 2012 to a forecasted $14.6m in 2015).

With Australian whisky enjoying something of golden period at the moment (a period sure to continue for quite some time), it's an exciting time for Nant, who are looking to raise $5m through a convertible note offering to help fund the above. This is in addition to Nant's existing barrel sale and investment programs.

For anyone interested in finding out more, further details can be found at:

As big fans of Aussie whisky, we wish NDCL the best of luck with their endeavour.

 - Martin.

Please note: We have no affiliation with NDCL or Nant Distillery, and do not plan to take part in the aforementioned offer. Whilst the thought of owning our own barrel of whisky, or indeed potentially part of a distillery is certainly enticing, at a $50,000 minimum investment, we'll leave this one to the professional investors, and limit our ownership to "bottles" rather than "distilleries". :)

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