Thursday 25 April 2013

Tasted #15: Ardbeg Gallileo (#101drams)

Another tick for the #101drams list...

The folk at World of Whisky in Double Bay (NSW) have quite a selection of tasting whiskies. During their Tasmanian Expo recently, I noticed the Galileo included amongst the collection, and the gents were kind enough to give me a taste and allow me to tick another dram off my list.

Ardbeg Galileo (49%, distilled in 1999, bottled in 2012, Islay, Scotland)
Nose: Definitely an Ardbeg. Perhaps a bit more mellow than the standard 10yo, and with a slight nuttiness (hazelnuts?)

Palate: Peat monster, no doubt, but a more ashy, tarry peat than I get from the 10yo. A tad spicy, but the peat wins out here. Ardbeg fans will love it.

Finish: Everything fades away but that ash, which lingers on. Very pleasant. Even 10+ minutes after, as I left the shop, I could still taste that ash. It's smokey like the 10yo, but even more so, and more of an ash taste than a tangy, salty peat.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 91/100

Ardbeg Galileo can be purchased from World of Whisky for $182AUD.

 - Martin.

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