Tuesday 4 June 2024

Old Master Spirits' 1960 Peyrot 63 year old Cask Strength Grande Champagne Cognac [Tasted #669]

We're kicking off June with another well-aged #malternative - this time in the form of a 63 year old Cask Strength Grande Champagne Cognac from Peyrot, once again from Old Master Spirits. The gents behind OMS have been releasing spirits at a decent cadence lately - not too often, but a handful a year to keep things interesting. This one will be launched on 20th June, bottled at 42.9% (cask strength) and selling for $349AUD.

(You can read my thoughts on several of Old Master Spirits' previous releases here, including previous vintage and NAS Brandies. In those posts I cover why I love what these guys do, and how their #malternatives are very much, in my opinion, made for whisky lovers.)

Like most (all?) of the distilleries Old Master Spirits work with, Cognac Peyrot is a family-owned House currently in its fifth generation, having been founded in 1893. In 1956 first generation viticulturist Jean Baptiste Peyrot handed over a seven acre vineyard to his daughter Mathilde Peyrot-Barret, and this 1960 was the first vintage she distilled - so quite a bit of history here! 

The grapes here, Ugni Blanc, make up ~98% of Cognac vineyards and are favoured for their high-yield, long aging potential and light, floral profile. The grapes for this particular Cognac were planted nearly 100 years ago in 1928, and after the aforementioned 1960 distillation, the spirit slumbered in Limousin Oak for 63 years.

Old Master Spirits' 1960 Peyrot 63 year old Cask Strength Grande Champagne Cognac (42.9% ABV, 63yo, Cask Strength, France, One of 155 bottles, $349AUD)

Colour: Burnished orange copper.

Nose: Power and elegance! Fresh coffee grounds, milk chocolate, herbal lozenges, and after time fresh oranges, but also light honey and strawberries.

Palate: Largely follows the nose, with increased citrus (orange) intensity, cake icing, dried apricots, raisins, honeycomb, some more berries (raspberries this time), and just a subtle hint of oak spice.

Finish: Long, slightly herbal, with strong citrus and berry notes. After some time, coffee hints return.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 92/100 (Martin). If you haven't yet jumped into the world of well-aged Cognac yet, this may well be a very good place to start. Whisky-like complexity, power and grace. Eminently drinkable - a " special occasion" spirit you can also drink on a random weekday. For $349AUD, fantastic value.

Their oldest release to date, Old Master Spirits' 1960 Peyrot 63 year old Cask Strength Grande Champagne Cognac goes on sale 20th June 2024, $349AUD. 155 bottles in total.

Thanks Deni & David for the sample.


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