Tuesday 19 April 2022

Westward Cask Strength Launch [Tasted #566]

We've been following Westward since it first arrived in Australia in 2019 when we first tasted the original Westward Whiskey and also have had the chance to sit down with Westward's Lead Distiller, Miles Munroe. For those that have not come across Westward prior, Westward is a whiskey distillery that is based in Portland, Oregon. Known for its hipster and craft culture, it's no surprise to see a craft single malt whiskey borne out of Portland. Since it was first introduced in 2019, the Westward following has grown locally.

Fast forward to 2022 and we were given the opportunity to welcome the latest in the Westward Whiskey collection, namely, the Westward's Single Malt Whiskey Cask Strength. Thomas Mooney, Founder and CEO of Westward Whiskey noted:

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our flagship portfolio of whiskeys as we continually reimagine what single malts can be. We first introduced Cask Strength at the demand of our local Oregon fans, and since then there has been huge interest from whiskey lovers both locally and globally for quality high proof options, so we’re looking forward to having Australians be able to try our Cask Strength.”

Westward Cask Strength is the brand’s fourth permanent expression and follows the original Westward American Single Malt, Westward American Single Malt Stout Cask and the Westward American Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask. The cask strength expression draws from the original single malt distillation but it's bottled at barrel strength of 62.5% ABV (125 proof). At Time for Whisk[e]y, we are as much a big fan of cask strength as we are of all other lower ABV expressions. It is said that the cask strength expression accentuates the malted barley and the effect of the newly charred American Oak Barrels.

To celebrate the launch of the Westward Single Malt Whiskey Cask Strength, a dinner was held at the nel restaurant in Sydney. Hosted by Margo Jamieson of Westward Whiskey, the dinner paired a whiskey infused menu paired with the four Westward expressions.

The star of the night was the Westward Cask Strength which was paired with the main course but the other three Westward expressions were paired amicably to the entree and dessert including a highlight for me which was the sticky toffee whiskey pudding with butterscotch dessert that was accompanied by Westward Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask as well the [gilbert] pinot noir from Orange, NSW, Australia.

So what did we think about the star of the event, the Westward Single Malt Whiskey Cask Strength..

Westward American Single Malt Cask Strength (62.5%, Oregon, Seattle, United States of AmericaA$170) 

The Westward American Single Malt Whiskey Cask Strength is the highlight of the four Westward expressions. It has built on the original Westward Single Malt and amplifies many of the Westward flavours from sweet desserts to spices that bring out the best in Westward. This new expression is a clear winner for me.

reflects toasted almond, graham cracker, and black pepper aromas. Flavours include sesame, tobacco leaf and cacao, with a honeyed, deep fiery malt finish. 

Nose: The nose is decadent and sweet with hints of marzipan, vanilla, and fresh-cut grass? caramel popcorn, strawberries and cream or rather a strawberry jam.

Palate: The palate balances the sweetness of a good cinnamon bun, vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch with spices, nutmeg and black pepper. There is dark chilli chocolate on the palate - perhaps the cask strength providing the lovely heat. 

Finish: The finish is long, with lingering spices and chocolate and vanilla remnants.

Rating: 92/100 

Thanks to Margo Jamieson of Westward Whiskey as well as Nicole Robertson from Agent 99 for having us as part of the Westward Single Malt Cask Strength launch.


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