Tuesday 10 November 2015

Johnnie Walker Blue Label - "The Gentleman's Wager II" film premiere in Hong Kong

Back in August last year, we linked to the new Johnnie Walker Blue Label short film, "The Gentleman's Wager" - the story of two men (Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini), a wager, and the finer things in life. Worth watching simply for the scenery and the toys, and far more than just a 6 minute advertisement for Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Now just over a year later Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini are back in "The Gentleman's Wager II" - the story of a priceless 1930s Delahaye racer (actually owned by the Walker family), and another wager.

The movie was launched in Hong Kong last week, with MHDHK flying in global Johnnie Walker brand ambassador Tom Jones for the event.

Held at Loft22 in California Tower (LKF), the event (held in partnership with Mr Porter) saw guests enjoy a range of Johnnie Walker cocktails (made with Red, Black, Gold and Blue), as well as some fantastic cocktails (honestly, MHDHK know how to arrange some fantastic catering).

After sampling the cocktails (The "Black Old Fashioned" and "The Delahaye" being the favourites), it was time for Tom to take the stage and introduce the film, which was launched that day and played on the big screen for all attendees. It certainly felt fitting to enjoy it with a glass of JW Blue (neat) in hand.

At 11 minutes, the movie felt more of a "short film" than the first, and thankfully, didn't feel like one big JW Blue advertisement. There were subtle placements, as you'd expect (typically centred around the theme of gift-giving - timely given the holiday season and Johnnie Walker's promotions with Sogo here in HK) but they tied in well with the story and never felt forced. The soundtrack, visuals, scenery (and the car) all came together to produce an enjoyable video, and the Formula1 cameos made it even more fun to watch.

After the screening, the charismatic Tom Jones walked us through a JW Blue tasting, outlining some of the key characteristics that have made JW Blue so popular, especially in Asia. See here for our notes last year.

Tom stuck around to chat with guests (a great, genuine bloke) and the JW Blue flowed well past the expected closing time - proving once again MHDHK know how to put on a great party.

The full film can be seen on YouTube via the link below:


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