Thursday 3 October 2013

Tasted #40: Glenfarclas 40yo (#101drams)

Glenfarclas 40yo has been on my list for a while now, mainly because there aren't too many 40yo whiskies in this price bracket (so I'd at least have a chance of trying it somewhere), and because I'd enjoyed the Glenfarclas' I'd tried previously. Also, why not give myself an excuse to seek out a 40yo whisky?

At The Whisky Fair Sydney recently, Glenfarclas were generously tasting their standard range, right up to and including the 30 and 40yo. I thought it would be fitting that whisky #40 from my #101drams list was a 40yo...

Glenfarclas 40yo (46% ABV, 40yo, OB, Speyside Scotland)
Nose: Flint and spice. Flint? Yes, odd. Not quite the leather and oak I was expected from a dram of this age, but nonetheless, a nice nose.

Palate: More flint? Smoke too - that was unexpected. I was pleased to see this wasn't an overpowering sherry monster (given that most Glenfarclas whiskies are heavily sherried), but was well balanced, also showing some sweeter citrus notes.

Finish: Very lengthy (I think that was going to be a given), and still with that smoke! Not overpowering peat smoke or anything of that nature, just a subtle undertone of smoke, let's call it campfire smoke. Some of the aged leather and rich nutty notes started to come through towards the end too.

Rating (on my very non-scientific scale): 90/100. An enjoyable whisky - no question, but if I'm honest, not quite what I'd expected. I actually preferred the 30yo.

 - Martin.

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