Monday 22 October 2012

Welcome to "Time for Whisky"!

 "Time for Whisky" was born out of the love of sharing a dram, talking about a dram, laughing over a dram, and exploring different whisky styles, regions and stories. It'll cover what's on my shelf, what I've been trying in bars, whisky events, simple tasting thoughts, whisky news, and anything else whisky-related.

What "Time for Whisky" won't cover is complex tasting notes that you can't follow or sound down-right absurd. You won't hear about a whisky that "reminds one of a Tuesday morning in Spring with an Easterly breeze blowing" or that "smells like two wet dogs playing in a park" (thanks to the hilarious James Buntin for that last one), but you might for example hear how I think the Glenfiddich AoD 19yo Madeira finish is a nicer, more complex and significantly cheaper dram than the Glenfiddich 21yo (itself an excellent drop).

So anyway, why this blog? As a regular business traveller, I often found myself with a 2.25L alcohol limit when returning to Australia and  uncertainty over what to spend it on (those of you who have purchased alcohol in Australia will understand why I was keen to maximise the allowance!)

Not content to simply stock up on 1.125L bottles of Johnnie Red like the majority of travellers, I started exploring the world of Single Malt Scotch whiskies - first with Speyside/Highland options, then branching out into Islay, Japanese and even Australian whiskies.

At last count I had 43 different bottles of whisky/whiskey, covering Scotland, Ireland, Japan, India, USA and of course Australia. I love nothing more than sharing a dram with my wife or mates, but figured - why not share them with a broader audience? Not literally of course, but through blogging.

...and so that's my plan. This blog will cover simple tasting thoughts for various whiskies I already own, as well as:
Enjoy (and please let me know if you have any feedback)! Thanks for reading.

Note: This blog is intended for those who are of legal drinking age in the country in which they reside (in Australia, 18 years and older). This blog exists only to give my personal opinions on all things whisky, and does not constitute legal advice, suggestion or otherwise. If you are not of legal drinking age, please do not read this blog. Thanks.

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